Mining Consumables

CAB is a range of hangers designed specifically for underground mines. They provide a low cost method for the safe, secure and reusable installation system for cables, pipes, etc.

The extensive range ensures a hanger to suit your exact requirements should be available ex-stock. See the range of hangers below and load data for the various types of hanger.

CAB Straps

CAB Straps are heavy duty hangers designed to support pipes and cables from the roof of the mine. CAB strap hangers outperform others because grommet holes which can cause pull-out failure have been eliminated.

Improved design features sturdy offset hooks sewn into non-absorbent, rot resistant polypropylene webbing. Weight carrying capacity of hanger is higher since weight load is distributed evenly across entire width of webbing hooks.

Waste is also reduced with CAB straps because there are no loose “S” hooks to fall off and get lost. For extra heavy duty applications specify hangers with welded strap hooks.

CB897 380mm long 100/box 5.5kg

CAB Latchbacks

CAB Latchbacks are new hangers designed for the support of cables, tubing or hose from roof bolt plates, spads, wire mesh or other structure. Latchbacks eliminate the need to twist 1 top loop of the clip back against itself when moving from a messenger wire to a roof bolt plate installation. 16mm diameter top loop.

CB306 standard hook. 187 wire, 113 mm dia., 200mm long 50/box 5.5kg

CB3704 Hook with large top loop at right angles, suit slotted straps. 113mm dia., 200mm long 50/box 5.5kg

CAB U Hangers with Crossbars

These are strong hangers made for supporting all types of cables, pipe and tubing from roof bolt plates, mesh, beams or other structure. All carrying surfaces receive a heavy coating of high dielectric grade plastisol for maximum insulation and abrasion resistance. These hangers are made from 4.7mm high carbon spring steel wire for maximum strength and carrying capacity. They feature a locking crossbar to retain cables in the hanger and a large 22mm diameter top loop for easy installation.

CB336 125mm dia., 175mm long 50/box 5.9kg

CAB Round Wire Cable Clips

These are strong versatile hangers for supporting pipe or cables from messenger wire, wire mesh or other structure. Made from 4mm high carbon spring steel wire with 16mm diameter top ears.

CB315 113 mm dia., 187mm long 100/box 5 kg

CB961 150 mm dia., 275 mm long 50/box 5.9 kg

CAB Closed Loop Telewire Hooks

Closed loop design prevents wires from vibrating or jumping out of the carrier section of hook.

Useful for installing computer lines, fiber optic cables etc. Made from 4mm wire with 35mm diameter top loop. Popular for Leaky Feeder Coax Installations.

CB3692 31mm dia., 100/box 4.5kg

CAB Bosserman Clips

CAB Bosserman Clips are high quality hangers designed for underground pipe and cable support.

The clips have gained wide attention and acceptance for their superior ability to safely suspend electrical cables and wiring in a variety of underground applications. This clip features 100% plastisol coated high carbon steel body and a locking arm to prevent pull out and slippage. CAB combined all the advantages of steel and plastic in this improved hanger.

Advantages of the Bosserman Clip:

  • Corrosion and rust problems are eliminated due to the heavy platisol coating overt he entire metal surface of the Bosserman Clip. This rust proofing protection will outlast other typical methods of rust proofing and will result in significant cost savings and improved safety.
  • Slippage of hangers on the messenger wire is virtually eliminated due to the slip resistance of the plastisol in the attachment section of the clip. Uniform spacing of the hangers without this slippage will keep wires more safely up and out of the way.
  • High dielectric grade plastisol applied on 100% of the hanger surface makes the Bosserman Clip totally insulated and spark resistant for maximum safety in the suspension of electric cables and wiring in all underground applications

CB824 10 mm Lock, 100 mm diam, 50.Box, 7.3 kg

CAB 3 Tier “J” Hook

These are strong hangers made for cables, pipes, or tubing. A ‘triangular’ top connector allows hanging from all sorts of points, such as rib bolts in coal mines.

6.3 mm high carbon steel wire, 25 mm top loop.

CB186 60 mm dia., 370 mm long, 25/box 6.5 kg

CAB Lifeline – for safety

CAB products also include simple yet effective safety products, such as Lifelines, to ensure evacuation routes are clearly marked and capable of use in nil visibility.

The CAB Lifeline is an escape rope designed to help evacuate an underground mine in the event of a fire or explosion. Research by the U.S. Bureau of Mines has shown that the presence of a rope guide in dense smoke can improve the chances for a successful escape when a fire breaks out in an underground mine. The CAB Lifeline, with it’s sturdy directional cones, will help lead employees to the slope and shaft rather than getting lost or confused in an actual emergency situation. Each spool contains 300 metres of 6mm yellow polypropylene with directional indicators installed at 30 metre intervals. Corrosion resistant thimbles, oval sleeves and quick links are installed on each end for the quick and secure attachment of sections. Can be custom made to an individual mine specification.

CB945 300 metres CAB Lifeline with reflectorised cones each 30 metres 10kg

Part Numbers

CB-186 379 86 28.7 14.3
CB-306 515 81.5 27 13.5
CB-3704 515C 79.5 26.5 13.2
CB-315 527 150 50 25
CB-336 542 136 45 22.5
CB-824 584 340 113.3 56.6
CB-897 62901507 193 64.3 32.1
CB-3692 639C 56.5 18.8 9.4