Personal Text Message Receiver

PED Personal Receivers are integrated with the cap lamp battery. There are a number of versions of personal receivers to fit to a range of battery types, and are known as BeltPED Receivers. The latest receiver is the Integrated Communications Cap Lamp (ICCL) that is one third the weight and size of the traditional lead-acid cap lamps.

After receiving a valid message, the PED receiver will flash the cap lamp from full to half brightness for a specified period. To provide an audible alert, in case the light is off or the user is in a well-lit environment, a buzzer will also sound for the same period. The 32 character message will be displayed on a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for one (1) minute before being stored. The PED stores the last two (2) messages received, and these messages can be recalled by pressing the button. The button will also backlight the LCD so the screen or message can be easily read. PEDs can be paged individually, paged in groups, or all paged simultaneously.


Note: The MP-70 can also be used as a Personal Text Message Receiver

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