Snap Lake

DeBeers’ Snap Lake Mine in northern Canada has purchased another 200 ICCL’s complete with PED pager receiver for use by its underground miners.

Following the initial installation of 50 ICCL cap lamps last year, the ICCL’s proved so reliable in use in the arduous conditions at the mine, Snap Lake management have decided to implement ICCLs throughout the mine.

All cap lamps include a PED Receiver to provide direct communication to all personnel underground regardless of their location. The PED System forms part of their emergency preparedness system, by providing evacuation warning if required. This messaging ability is also used on daily basis to send text messages to personnel when they are out of range of the leaky feeder radio system.

As one of the early adopters of our Integrated Communications Cap Lamp last year, we thank DeBeers for their on-going support and are pleased they are getting benefit from their use of PED and ICCL.

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